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Dr. Martino's release show at Propaganda turned out to be a great success! Thanks to all those who came out and supported them and their unique blend of music! If you missed out, their album is for free streaming on the MUSIC page. If you love it (you do), it is available on Amazon, iTunes, and probably everywhere else on the planet.

There are currently two new custom creations coming out soon, so visit daily as we begin dropping hints, names, and pics.

Check out this gallery from the show on Saturday:

​​Dr. Martino Release, other stuff.

NEWS ///////////

This had to be one of the most difficult builds yet!  This seven-knob pedal gets its name from it's function: Fuzz, Muff (EHX-style distortion), and phase. The interesting part about this pedal is the wiring.

Normally, these "three to a box" builds are three separate effects circuits wired to their own separate bypass switch, allowing you to independently turn each effect on and off. That is not the case with this pedal!

In the case of the FMF, the first (far right) switch is a bypass for all distortion- turning it off gives you your clean tone. The middle switch flips between the tube fuzz or the distortion. This allows you to switch between two distortions with one switch instead of having to turn one off while turning the other on. 

The last switch is the phaser bypass. Pretty simple. Sounds great!

New Custom Build: The Fuzzy Muff Face





Dr. Martino Video, New eBay Items.

Dr. Martino has been hard at work blasting folks with their unique sound, and to help aid in their efforts, they've released a new video. The music video for "Animal," done by Negean Mohi, came out today and quickly reached its first hundred views. You can see it below-


Also, today we started two new auctions for some pretty cool items on the eBay page. Both start at .99, so everyone has a chance to grab something cool. 








     Manifest Test Subject KILLS it in this new work. It's a ton of songs that explores a wide variety of sounds and ideas. GET IT NOW. Mike and Pete Campbell make you uneasy? That's the point of mixed meter. Figure it out.
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